New Junior Class for 2011 – For 11-14 year olds

Posted by Jack Gow in the forum…
New class for 2011, had some intrest for this so will give it a go, see regs below.

Junior class will be up to 150cc 4 stroke & 85cc 2 stroke.

Junior class will be for riders from ages 11 – 14 years old, a rider may start in the group only when 11 years old and may ride until 14 years old any rider who turns 15 during the season may finish the season but will be required to move class the following year. Races will be of 7 mins + 1 lap. There will be a min of 3 races in a day and trophys will be awarded to the highest scorers 1-5th. Points will be scored as per the S1,S2,S3 system. A club champion will be recognised at the end of the series. A min of 3 riders will be required to run the races, in the event of their not being sufficient entry the riders will get track time equal to race time. Entry fee’s for the junior class will be £15 per day + day licence requirements. Junior bikes are required to meet all club standards. Brakes, wheels and clutches to remain standard fitment, tyres are free but no knobblies.

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