Scottish Success in British Champs!

by Kirsty Bremner

Scottish Supermoto rider Douglas Cunningham [2 consecutive years S1 champion, S3 champion and overall champion] has been riding in the British Supermoto Championship thanks to Aquarius Thermal Systems and Motosupplies.

Douglas has had a trying season so far with engine problems however this all seams to be resolved now. Douglas raced at the British Round 3 at Rowrah on 14th and 15th May. This was the first time he ever raced at Rowrah on a supermoto and also the first time on the 2008 450cc Husqvarna supplied by Motosupplies.

On the Saturday in the 450cc Elite Class he qualified in 5th position, in the first race the 450cc Husqvarna stalled in the dirt section whilst in 3rd position resulting in him finishing towards the back of the pack. In race 2 he finished in fifth and race 3 thanks to an amazing start, finishing top of the podium in first place. Sunday started with an unusuall problem, Douglas missed practice having not heard the call. However he still managed to qualify in a respectful 6th position finishing 3rd in the first 2 races and 2nd in the final race. Douglas had the best finish out of all racers in the Open Elite Class.

Michael Craig has also done the Scotts proud, racing in the Open Nationals on Sunday finishing second in the first race and top of the podiem in the final 2 races.

Brian Abel raced on the Saturday in the Michelin Cup, finishing in 6th in the first race and 5th in the final 2 races.

Other Scottish riders who deserve a mention are Gary Pittendrigh and Jamie Duncan who both raced on Saturday.

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