Round Up Of Round 4

By Kirsty Bremner

This was the second time that the Scottish Supermoto visited the Banffshire race track however this year the races included a newly built dirt section which contained elements from various tracks from both the British and Scottish supermoto championship race tracks producing an amazing technical off road section.

Douglas Cunningham had a clean sweep winning both days racing, winning all three races on Saturday on his 2005 250cc Honda. On the Sunday racing kicked off with Douglas Cunningham on his 2004 450cc Honda wining pole position just 0.2 seconds ahead of Jamie Duncan on his 450cc KTM. The lights went out on race one and the grid stormed forwards, Scott Murray had a big off at the end of the start finish straight causing a red flag and restart. On the restart Douglas Cunningham lead the pack into the dirt section closely followed by Jamie Duncan and Ben McLuskey on his new 2011 450cc Kawasaki. Gary McLuskey had an off in the dirt whilst in 4th position holding up many racers, including Michael Craig who fought his way back through the pack finishing in 4th position.

Race two seen the return of Scott Murray on his 518cc Honda however Douglas took the lead from the off, followed by Ben. The fight was for 3rd position, with four racers battling it out. Ben had an issue causing him to fall right back in the pack however he fought his way back through to finish in 5th position. The fight for 3rd changed to the fight for 2nd being won by Jamie Duncan followed by Jack Gow and Scott Murray. Douglas had a bad start in race three and had to fight his way through the pack. Scott Murray  took the lead but had a wobble in the dirt section a few minutes into the race causing him to fall backwards in the pack. Ben then took the lead, closely followed by Gary. Douglas battled his way through the pack making it to first position half way through the race, Ben tried hard to keep up with him while the battle continued for all other positions. Scott coming 3rd followed by Gary and Jamie.

It was not only the A races which were filled with excitement the B class had their fair share in the battles and triumphs the races were highly exciting lasting from lights out to flag down.

Scottish Supermoto has a race for all no matter the age, bike, experience or engine size. On the 13th and 14th  August Scottish Supermoto are holding a National Supermoto Championship at ESKC Track Crail, a 2 day championship where England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales will battle it out to see which country finished on top and which racer will win top prize. More information can be found on the Scottish Supermoto website.