Calendar Update

It has been confirmed that Scottish Supermoto will not be attending the MCN Motorcycle Show in Edinburgh this year, our first round will be held at our home track Crail. Scottish Supermoto is dissapointed in loosing such a high profile event however we will still be running at Alford Motorcycle Convention in September.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the new race season, please remember your club memberships have to be paid as soon as possible.


New Team On The Block

written by Kirsty Bremner

New for 2012 and joining the constructors cup is Scottish Supermoto’s Factory KTM Team. Factory KTM choose the riders who they believed to have the most potential for the upcoming race year; 2009 most improved rider of the year Ian Bremner, 2011 most improved rider of the year Duncan Wright and third in the S2 championship Euan Davidson. Factory KTM will also be testing out racers through out the year. The team will be kept in control by Jim Bremner.

The Championships

Factory KTM has high hopes for the 2012 race season; all riders finished in the top 13 in the Overall Championship in 2011 and we are hoping that in 2012 all riders will finish in the top 10. Ian has yet to decide on which championship to contend in between the S1 and the S3 championships. Duncan and Euan will both be competing in the S2 championships.

Meet The Team

Jim Bremner – Jim is taking on a new role this year, formally the manager of Bremner Racing Team he was approached by Factory KTM to manage the Scottish Supermoto Team. Jim has many years experience in creating, managing, training and motivating a championship winning team. Jim has tried his leg at supermoto however has not had the greatest experiance falling off in typical Bremner fashion.

#34 Ian Bremner – aka Kidney Trauma Man (ktm) or Superman. Ian has developed his racing over the last few years and was a great championship contender in 2011 however had a terrible accident never the less Ian is back to full fitness and raring to win in 2012. Ian has been practising on many different makes of bikes over the winter both in supermoto and motocross however will continue to race on his 2008 KTM 250sxf and 2009 KTM 450smr.

#111 Duncan Wright – aka Dark Horse. Duncan’s racing technique and consistency in 2011 caught our talent scout’s eyes. Duncan has been winning the B races in 2011 and proved he is an A class rider. Duncan’s racing will improve in 2012 with guidance from his team mates, team manager and racing in a faster group. Duncan will be racing on his KTM smr 505.

#36 Euan Davidson – aka Part-timer, Euan has got a tough year ahead of him in 2012. After spending most of 2011 being caught behind one rider, Euan has learned from 2011 and is confident in passing and moving up in the pack in 2012. Euan may not make all championship rounds therefore Factory KTM will bring in test riders to race on his behalf. Euan will be racing his ancient 540 exc.

Devastating News For Team Scot Comp

by Scott Murray

Team Scotcomp regret to announce the injury of its most prestigious rider Jack Gow, aka Jackie Moon. While doing some pre season training at Bulmullo the scotcomp star got a 300 foot snake pit jump wrong. While approaching the 300 foot jump, Jackie Moon noticed a fellow Bulmullower stuck in the snake pit. This was enough to make Jackie moon lose concentration, he then hit the jump to far to the left, and in fear of jumping off the track he pulled off one of his signature tricks the whip. But in haste he forgot too re whip the bike straight, booof down he went.

Jack was immediately (after team mate and off the track friend Scott Murray finished his day practice and then took him home to his mother, who then took him to his real home and wife) then she rushed him to the local Ninewells Hospital, where it was pronounced he had a Broken right arm.

There is currently no word on the extensiveness of his injury, but this will be confirmed once the specialist is flown in from Pakistan tomorrow. And a further announcement will be made.

Team Scotcomps 4th team rider Jeremy McGraths may be called upon for round one of the championship, we spoke to the 4th rider this evening and this is what he had to say “yee its not ideal been called upon under these situations, but Jackie moon is a tough guy, I remember when he was teaching me the nack nack and I crashed bad and broke my ribs. He just kicked me and said stop been a baby”. NASCAR legend Ricky Bobby also sent his thoughts to the injured Jackie Moon saying “Don’t let the invisible fire burn me, someone put this invisible fire out” hmmm strange, but words of encouragement.


Any further updates will be made through Team Scotcomps PR team.



*Scottish Supermoto take no responsibility for any “untruths” in this article

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MC Racing Pre Season Report

 Written by Chris McLuskey

MC Racing is an elite supermoto racing team (better known as team Asda in Scotland) made up of 3 top athletes. Chris McLuskey, Gary McLuskey & Ben McLuskey. The team operates without the need of a team manager but is backed by kawasaki japan who supply the team with factory machines each year. The teams main sponser is Ocean Trailers LTD.

 The Team 2012

There are no chages to the team this year so will continue to run with there world gp stars Chris, Ben and Gary. They will all continue to compete in the S1 class. Gary remains the most experienced rider in the team with Chris the least. Ben will fly the flag as the number one rider in the team after him finishing 2nd in the S1 and overall classes last year. Kawasaki have agreed he will therefore be given first priority on any new developments made.

 The Bikes

Chris and Gary will continue to use there factory supplied 2009 kxf 450’s while Ben will continue to use his 2011 kxf 450. The bikes engines and suspension are currently in America at pro circuit headquarters being tested and developed for the 2012 season.

 The Championship

MC Racing will be looking to retain the constructers championship they won in 2010. Sadly they lost last year as all there rider occured injurys with 2 off there riders missing 2 rounds each. The team has set a target for all riders to finish inside the top 5 for the S1 and overall titles.

Prep For 2012

Preparations for 2012 have been going on since we last raced in October. All 3 athletes have an extensive fitness and diet regiem which they stick to on a daily basis.

 The Riders

Gary McLuskey

Gary is the teams most experienced rider having come close to a title on 2 occations. Last season gary underwent some major surgery on his shoulder which put him out of contention. This year he believes it could be his best year yet. Putting hours in at the gym and pool and occationally visiting local zoos and wrestling gorillas just to make sure hes ready for anything. Gary was quaoted as saying “this year i aim to be more aggressive on the track, DONT COME NEAR ME!” in a local newspaper. With odds of 1/4 in betting shops bookies rate Gary with a real chance this season.

 Ben McLuskey

Ben currently holds the team number one position this year but knows it will be hard to retain it all year. Last season Ben placed his highest finish getting 2nd in the S1 and Overall championships, This year he believes he can better that. Ben suffered a broken back last year during a flying lap at boyndie but argues it aint knocked his confidence. He was quaoted as saying “Yeah it was a big crash and a real scare at the time, but i feel great now and im ready to compete again!”. Ben has been on a special diet designed by NASA. Unfortunatly we cannot tell you what this diet is but can tell you it will improve reaction times by 50% and upper body streangth by 70%, drive his tertermination and feed his ability! All he needs to become the best smr rider he is. At 1/2 odds bookies rate Ben as a favourite and a top tip this year.

Chris McLuskey

Chris is the teams eldest rider but also the team least experienced with only 2 seasons under his belt. Last year he was making great progress and improved his position year on year by finishing 13 positions above his first season. Chris also suffered injury last year braking his collar bone and wrist in the last round of the 2011 season. Now hes fit and doing all he can to get in shape for 2012. Hes fitness regiem consists of 3 days running with personal trainer johnny vegas. He also swims 3 times a week at the local pool (between 12-3, cheap time, £3, full of coffin dogers). Every day he eats a carefully designed diet outlined by rick waller (ex music show contestant, look him up, great body).Chris has been quaoted as saying “I think i might of followed through there” in his local paper showing he can withstand the highest heats. At 1/12 odd bookies clearly feel the championship is a little out of reach for Chris but all agree every competition has a dark horse and Chris could be that!!

*Scottish Supermoto take no responsibility for any “untruths” in this article

Membership 2012

Can all those wishing to be members of ESKC for 2012 please complete membership and return as soon as possible

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Memberships are valid from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012

About Team Scotcomp

Written  By Scott Murray

Team Scotcomp is a Scottish Championship Supermoto team based in Scotland and run by team principle Bob Auld


For 2012 Scotcomp will be running the same set up as 2011, with Jack Gow sticking with the S1 class, Scott Murray will retain his fat boy status in the S2 class while young Andrew Gow is keeping his 4 stroke chain saw alive in the S3 class.  Bob Auld will remain as team principle and chief mechanic.


The machinery from 2011 will remain, although the team were linked to factory equipment from Yamaha Japan, this deal did not materialise due to the current conflicts in Iran.


Team Scotcomp plans on racing the full Scottish Supermoto series for 2012 along with the Masters series that is still in planning. The team will be aiming for top 3 results from all it riders in its relevant classes, and for all riders to finish in the top 5 overall.  Team Scotcomp is also the current constructors Champions from 2011, this is a title every team principle is chasing after, and one that Team Scotcomp will not want to give up lightly, especially to team Asda.


With Team Scotcomp being made up with 3 ex Motocross riders, preparation for 2012 was simple, pull out the bumpy wheels and head to Bulmullo. This also allows for chief mechanic to strip down the bikes over winter time at Team Scotcomps new state of the art workshops, allowing plenty tinkering time to the mechanics.


Jack Gow > known as Jackie Moon, Jack is the oldest and most experienced of the team, with a Scottish Supermoto title under his belt, this auld dog is one to watch. Jack is also a role model to the younger members of the team, often helping them with riding style, techniques, lines on the track and how to get home after closing time.

Scott Murray > known as Crasher Murray, Scott is relatively new to supermoto with only 1 season under his belt. But with a vast MX past its not taken him long to get to grips with the smooth wheels. This will be Scotts 2nd season with Scotcomp, after Bob single headedly picked Scott out of a array of talented riders to boost team results, and to take over the number 1 plate from a ageing Jack Gow.
Andrew Gow > known as Kim Jong-il, young Andrew only started racing Supermoto 2 seasons ago and has steadily grown leaps and bounds earning him a firm place in the team as junior rider. Andrew came up through the teams junior programme, and is tipped to be a rider of the future. Finishing 2nd in S3 last year, Andrews eyes are firmly set on the number 1 plate for 2012.


Bob Auld > known as Jan de Bobb, what Bob doesn’t know about off road bikes is not worth knowing. Bob ran team Scotcomp back in the hay days of Motocross. Scotcomp was a very successful Scottish based team, fielding some of Scotlands top MX riders. Bob has since then revitalised his Team but this time at Supermoto. As well as team principle Bob acts as head mechanic, and team tuner. Bob is the driving force of team Scotcomp.