The Italian Job

Lewis Cornish has recently returned from an amazing pre-season test session at Ottobiano, Italy. Lewis was invited by the Italian based SHR World Supermoto Championship concern to join the team and help set up the bikes before the series kicks off next month.

SHR Team manager Nick Cannings kindly asked the Norfolk youngster over to Italy to sit in for an injured rider and Cornish made the most of the opportunity to get test the 2012 Honda CRF450s at the venue for the opening round of the World Championships. Lewis soon felt at home aboard the unfamiliar race bikes and was quickly lapping at the pace of the team’s regular riders.

He explained “I’m really pleased with my speed here and considering I’m not used to the bikes or the tyres, my lap times are competitive. I realise that the main difference at this level is that these pro-riders get to practice and set up their bikes just about every day whereas I’m lucky if I can practice any supermoto at all between British Championship races. I’m feeling really well prepared and bike-fit for the start of our season and I’d like to thank Nick for the chance to ride here in Italy.”
Back home and Lewis will have a new team mate in his Nameplate Services/DCR team as Will Moore will be joining him at selected British Championship, British Masters and SSM UK rounds. However Lewis is hoping that he’ll get a call up sometime throughout this season to race in Europe. Lewis’ first race of 2012 is at Lydd, Kent followed a week later by the British Championship opener at Three Sisters, Wigan which is televised.

Neil Jay

Press Officer

News South of Border

Spanish Shakedown For Lewis Cornish

Lewis Cornish (British supermoto championship racer) and his Nameplate Services/DCR supermoto team have recently returned from vital pre-season testing at the amazing Motorland, Aragon S1 World championship circuit in Spain. The main objective of this trip to the sun was to get the race bikes set up following some extensive modifications to the suspension and rolling chassis over the winter period. Out of the two machines shipped over to Spain, Lewis was concentrating more on ensuring the DCR tuned 450cc machine was set up perfectly as this will be his #1 bike for the forthcoming season. Owner of Nameplate Services, Billy Holt also took the opportunity to take join the team and took to the track to set up the spare #2 505cc machine whilst Lewis was busy getting his suspension dialled into the demanding Aragon circuit. Following hours of ten-tenths riding, pushing himself and his race bike to the limits the Aragon trip was deemed to be a great success by the team.

On returning to the UK Lewis explained “Its important to get plenty of track time to get the new suspension set up to my liking, I feel as though the new parts have allowed me to push harder and get on the throttle more aggressively plus they have given me more confidence in the bikes capabilities and myself. I managed to shave my lap times and really feel how hard to push the bike and tyres. Thanks to Ben and Billy for getting me out there to test, its certainly got me right on the pace before the opening race.’’ Both bikes were shipped out to the tests by one of Lewis’ sponsors, track-day specialists MotoXtreme, headed by Ben Grayson who commented “It’s been a fantastic opening event for us and it was good to see Lewis getting his 2012 bike ready for the 2012 at this superb circuit. We plan on more supermoto track-day sessions throughout the year both in the UK and in mainland Europe and we’re pleased to be involved with Lewis’ 2012 British Championship season.”

More recently the team were approached by ‘Supermoto Magazine Australia’ to provide and overview and background into Lewis’ racing career, which has recently been published, giving Lewis and his sponsors coverage across the other side of the world. If you would like to read the article visit Lewis’ website and follow the link on the home page to the article.

Lewis’ and the team are keen to get the season underway and the first race of 2012 kicks off with a Southern Supermoto Championship weekend at Lydd International Raceway later this month, closely followed by round one of the British Supermoto Championship at Three Sisters Circuit, Wigan a week later.

Neil Jay

Press Officer

Check out more news by visiting Lewis’ web page

Scotcomp – Round 1

by Crasher Murray

Round 1 round-up

Round 1 of the Scottish Supermoto Championship was a very up and down weekend for the whole team. We start off with the team most senior rider, Sir Jack Gow aka: Jackie Moon, the teams S1 rider.Well that is round 1 over and done with, and is a time for the teams to head back to the drawing board, and see if the pre season pre has worked or not.

Jackie Moons saturday round-up: This weekend was always going to be a challenging weekend for Moon, due to the serious arm breakage sustained in pre season training. This meant Moon was coming into the opening round of the championship with next to no bike time. But with Moon being a dedicated and veteran supermoto rider, he was definitely not going to let this set him back. (we currently have no information regarding Moons Saturdays performance, because he is a erse and didn’t text me back)

We move onto to the S2 class rider Scott Murray aka: Crasher Murray.

Crasher Murrays Saturday round-up: Scott was in high hopes for the start of the season, after a successful season last year, and been promoted to number 1 in the team for 2012. The whole team had high ambitions for the pesky wee rascal. These were all dashed as he lived up to his reputation in qualifying on the Saturday. Crasher high sided his Scotcomp Honda within in the 1st 10 minutes of qualifying, damaging a old shoulder injury he sustained during his youthful Mx days. Despite of this he still put the Scotcomp bike on pole position for the 1st race. As the 1st race got underway it was Black Jamie that took the lead going into the 3rd corner with crasher in 2nd. Going into the dirt section crasher took the inside line while Black Jamie took the outside line. The problem here was that both riders wanted the inside line on the exit of the dirt section, which resulted in both riders going down, and taking local man Ian Bremner out as well. Crasher clawed his way up to 2nd and then went on to take 1st place in both of the next races, and 1st place overall in S2.

Last but not least the Teams youngster Andrew Gow aka: Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il’s Saturday Round up: It was a fairly straight run of the mill day for the plucky youngster. There were not been a lot of entries in the S3 class, young Kim Jong-il just had to ride a steady days racing, which he done and took all 3 race wins.


Sunday was the day that was going to count towards the Scottish Championship, this was the day that mattered to the team. Crasher put his bike on 3rd place on the grid for the 1st race just in front of his team mate moon. The 1st race got off to spectacular fashion, and within 3 laps it was Moon leading the race from Jammy Duncan with Crasher hot on his heels, this was short lived as Moon dumped his bike coming out of the bottom dirt section, scarping the dreams of team principal Bob de Auld of having both his machines finishing on the podium in the 1st race. All the teams hope then were forced upon Murray, who then dashed all of them by dumping it in start of the bottom off road, only a couple of laps after Moons demise. After the 1st race Crashers bike was in a sorry state of affairs, and also was Moons bike, we grabbed a quick word with Bob de Auld as he frantically tried to scrape together his stricken vessels. “ Ehh min the biyz were hallling erse ott there, but eh kent theye wid feck it up. Pair o fecking plockers they are. Eh pure expected this fae Crasher Murray ged, but nae that donkey Moon. If they couple o posing Hoooors spent mare time wirking on there bikes en race creft, eh pure wuddnae be erseing aboot trying tae sort them, ehhhhh just dinne ken whyee eh bither likes. Like eh cuplle of poofterz in there matcheen kit, prub awa geeting thon nails dine while emmm trying tae straghteen these beast ott, they prob prefer them bent tho, yi ken”. Hmmm not a very happy team principal speaking there. Race 2 and 3 went along with no dramas for Moon and Crasher, as Crasher got a 4th and a 3rd place and Moon closely followed with a 5th and 4th. So not the best of starts for the teams big boys. This leaves Crasher 4th placed in the championship and Moon in 8th after a dnf in race 1.

The teams youth rider was also out in force on the Sunday in the B race, and what a show the young 250 rider put on, he showed those guys its not all about power, while he mixed it up with them. Kim Jong-il even took his first ever race holeshot and took 2 4th place and a 5th to finish the day off in 18th overall in the Scottish Championship, in a race that is mostly made up of 450 plus cc machines. Team principal Bob de Auld decided to give young Kim his break in the 3rd race on Moons 450 Honda. Although Kim did not capitalise on the switch to a larger machine, it was clear with time he would certainly benefit with the extra power. We asked team Principal Bob de Auld why he decided to let Kim Jong-il out on his factory machine. “auch wee,l yi seen meh ither tae fennies ersing up the 1st race, so eh hud eh wee thought tae ma sell, eh best see wit tho young een can dae, cuz eh doot el hae they twa rideen meh bikes next year, if thons the performance em ganna get fae thom”.

Well that’s about all from Team Scotcomp, see use at the next round.

Any further updates will be made through Team Scotcomps PR team.



Mini Supermoto For Sale

By Kirsty Bremner

2011 championship winning bike,

2011 stomp z140 
Price includes;
2 sets SM wheels dry + race wets (amazing tyres!)
1 set brand new MX wheels and tyres
2 sets of spinals, standard and SM
3 sets part worn front brake pads
1 set brand new rear brake pads
3 front disks, 210, 200, 190
2 rear disks both 180
2 front sprockets – 14t + 15t 
2 rear sprockets – 41t
Rental High Rise Bars – originals included in sale but damaged 
Full set hustle crash bobbins
Metal reinforced handgaurds
2 sets of spacers, one set brand new still in packaging
new spark plug
Genuine Stomp Lever set
used chain
Exhaust has been silenced for SM noise regs

Well looked after bike, oil change every 2 hours with silkolene oil. Bike is ready to race. Selling due to racing Cr85 this year, will consider swap for an 85. Call 07712620055 for more info