Kirsty’s Coming Back

By Kirsty Bremner

I was ready to race my Cr125 supermoto for the first time in the Scottish Supermoto Championship Round 2. The 125 had been a little project for Ian, it has a full KTM front end including triple clamps and KTM wheels.

During morning practice Saturday I was going well lapping a 1:20 however this was still two seconds from my fastest lap on my Cr85. In qualifying I was pushing hard and felt comfortable on the bike. I was having problems with the top large off-road unsure of what gears were best to use however loved horseshoe which I normally don’t like. If I had not had my accident I would have been 8th on the grid out of 11, racing against two 250 bikes and eight above 450’s. :)

I managed to get past another rider who was holding me back and I knew time was running out, I pushed to get at least one fast lap in before the flag. I felt comfortable in the entrance to the top dirt section, between the table tops the throttle stuck open, I had a decision to make bail before the jump or try close the throttle and hope for the best. I went off the face of the jump, believe landed hard breaking my colarbone and thumb and went over the bars landing on my head. Once I realised I had fell off my feet were pointing in the direction of the track and my bike was screaming at my head. I checked the throttle again and hit the kill switch.

I knew that it was near the end of session so I didnt bother standing up or trying to get out of the way. I knew I had done something to my collarbone and my foot and thumb didnt feel to great. The abulance crew were amazing, they were really good in looking after me. They helped me out my helmet and my jacket, I was then put on a spinal board as a precaution because I landed on my head. By the way it is a long trip to Ninewells, especially on a spinal board!

In the hospital I had well over 20 xrays taken. Broken left ankle, broken left thumb and broken right collarbone.

I was told I did not need surgery and was told to return to fracture clinic. At clinic I was told I needed surgery my ankle was no longer in the correct position to heal properly and my collarbone was healing overlapping.

I now have a screw in my ankle and 6 pins and a plate on my collarbone. Things are  healing well however I do have nerve damage on my chest and shoulder. :(

I’m ready to get back on the bike! The crash has made me even more determined to get back and do well. So boys watch out, I’m coming back :)