Supermoto and what to expect

Supermoto is where motocross meets road racing on an 80 / 20 tar and dirt track. Bikes range from motocross bikes with road wheels and tyres through to motocross derived off the shelf machines with modifications to suit your budget or taste. Big front brakes, lowered and stiffened suspension, race wheels with sticky slick types, high ratio final drives for acceleration that can pull your arms off. Singles and twins to 650cc and believe it or not the big bikes are not always the quickest.

Motosupplies-Racing-BackIt takes all sorts and has as much to do with the rider as it is their machinery. Supermoto Tracks are short which keeps top speeds down and the concentration up. The supermoto lap record at Crail with both dirt sections is just under a minute. Races are 10 – 15 minutes long and the average speed even for the top riders is just above 40mph. It doesn’t feel like 40 as you never stop working the bike, braking, turning, accelerating, getting your body in the right position and chasing down the rider in front. Great exercise and fantastic for developing all round bike skills and reactions.

The machinery is relatively simple. Hard to believe, but supermoto bikes bounce and hardly ever break when dumped. This is helped by their motocross pedigree and the addition of crash bobbins on extremities.  Round 3

It’s a great leveller for those with some past experience of motorcycle sport. Motocross, Enduro and Trials riders hardly bat an eye at the dirt sections whilst some with road racing backgrounds would rather get off and push when they feel their wheels moving around underneath them. Then again the road racers have a feel for the tar and experience that can see them push to the limits on corners and especially so the faster bits.

Scottish Supermoto is part of the East of Scotland Kart Club. The track is located to the east of the village just beyond the old airfield and where regualar drag race days are held. Crail is 20 minutes south of St Andrews. Turn left at the roundabout in Crail when you see the Golf Hotel in front of you. Folow this road as mentioned past the old airfiels until you see the ESKC and Scottish Supermoto sign on your right. The track is just a few hundred meters down the lane towards the sea.